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The mission of the USF System Women in Leadership & Philanthropy program is to engage and educate visionary leaders and philanthropists to make a difference for women throughout the USF System and the community.

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  I would like to Join WLP:
I wish to become an Annual Participant ($1,000 minimum)
I am 35 or younger ($500 minimum)
I wish to make an additional gift of $
I wish to become a Lifetime Member ($25k pledge/payable over 5 years)

  I am involved with other organizations or philanthropic activities: 

  I am interested in these type of activities: 
Topic specific symposiums held on USF’s Tampa campus
Topic specific events held on USF System campuses (USF St.Petersburg, or USF Sarasota-Manatee)
Social gatherings
Faculty presentations
Estate Planning seminars
Campus tours (USF System Campuses)
Enjoy a visit from a college representative or Dean

  I am interested in a leadership role with WLP: 
WLP Executive Committee - Provides oversight and guidance for the committees and staff to achieve the mission and objectives of the WLP program
WLP Membership Committee - Develops and implements strategies for increasing and retaining members
WLP Mentoring Committee - Serves as the conduit to connect students and WLP members in partnership with the USF Center for Civic Leadership and Engagement and USF Athletics.
WLP Program Committee - Plans and implements the Fall Symposium and Annual Awards Dinner

  Please apply my gift to the following fund(s): 

                i. WLP General Support (890007)
                ii. WLP Endowed Scholarship Fund (896005)

                i. WLP General Support (890007)
               ii. WLP/USF St. Petersburg Endowed Scholarship (896042)

                i. WLP General Support (890007)
               ii. WLP/USF Sarasota-Manatee Scholarship Fund (890026)

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